I appreciate my clients so much! Over the years they have shared a lot with me about their experiences with the sex industry.

One thing I hear over and over is how anxious they are when they see an escort for the first time. They feel nervous about how to present themselves, and unsure of what to do…. I can imagine how nervous they might feel!

It makes me wonder how many guys want to see a sex worker but are too nervous to take the first steps. This article may help you out if youโ€™re not sure what to expect in your first booking with an escort…Remember: Safety -First!

Just for your knowledge…

Partyโ€“ if you went on a website or an advert and it said ‘she’s a party girl’ ( snow symbols) then 90 % that’s a euphemism for ‘she takes coke, she drinks’, drugs friendly or can supply drugs. Generally similar advertisers are under police observations ( cctv etc.) until sufficient evidence to act…

Illegal brothel โ€“ any premises which is used by more than one person for sex work, without license. It is not necessary to prove that full sexual intercourse is offered at the premises. It is sufficient to prove that โ€œmore than one woman offered herself as a participant of physical acts of indecency for the sexual gratification of menโ€. More…

Huge increase in British men falling victim to ‘sextortion’ gangs. The gangs secretly record their victims and then blackmail them, threatening to share the footage with their family and friends unless they pay thousands of pounds. Please, be careful.

Here are a few tips:

Abbreviations for Sex Services:

69 โ€“ Sex position in which the sexual partners lay head to toe and mutually perform oral sex on each other.

ATM โ€“ Ass to Mouth (anal sex immediately followed by oral).

AR โ€“ Anal Rimming (licking of the the anal area)

BB โ€“ BareBack Sex (vaginal or anal sex without a condom)

BBBJโ€“ BareBack Blow Job (blow job without a condom)

BDSM โ€“ Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, Masochism (Describes a wide range of activities โ€“ always ask more information).

BLS โ€“ Balls Licking and Sucking

BJ โ€“ Blow Job (oral on a penis)

BJTC โ€“ Blow Job To Completion (giving oral until the client cums; with or without a condom)

BS โ€“ Body Slide

CBT โ€“ Cock and Ball Torture

CBJ โ€“ Covered Blow Job (blow job with a condom)

CD โ€“ Cross Dressing

CIM โ€“ Cum In Mouth (cumming in mouth, without a condom)

CIMWS โ€“ Cum In Mouth With Swallowing

COF/COB โ€“ Cum On Face/Cum On Breasts/Cum on Body (pulling the penis out of your mouth/vagina/arse and cumming over your breasts, face, back, etc).

DP โ€“ Double Penetration (either penetrating two orifices at once, or penetration of one orifice with two things)

DDP โ€“ Double Digit Penetration

DFK โ€“ Deep French Kissing (passionate kissing with tongues)

DT โ€“ Deep Throat

FE– Female Ejaculation (squirting)

FK โ€“ French Kissing

FS โ€“ Full Service (usually just means โ€˜intercourseโ€™, but might mean a โ€˜completeโ€™ service, including massage, oral and sex)

GFE โ€“ Girl Friend Experience (acting like a girlfriend; sensual, friendly, cuddly)

GS โ€“ Golden Shower (urinating on body)

HJ โ€“ Hand Job (hand relief; using your hand to masturbate the client)

LK โ€“ Light Kissing

NSA โ€“ No Strings Attached (no serious relationships, just a hook-up)

OWO โ€“ Oral With Out (blow job without a condom) A prostitute might sleep with five – ten strangers a day. Across a year, that’s more than 1,800 men she’s having sexual intercourse or oral sex with. You newer know, who was before you…

OW โ€“ Oral With (blow job with a condom)

PSE โ€“ Porn Star Experience (acting like a porn star; active, sexy, outrageous)

R&T โ€“ Rub and Tug (massage with hand relief)

MSOG โ€“ Multiple Shots On Goal โ€“ (multiple organisms/have sex multiple times)

MFF โ€“ Male Female Female (threesome involving one male and two females)

MMF โ€“ Male Male Female (threesome involving two males and one female)

MMT โ€“ Male Male Trans (threesome involving two males and one Tgirl)

DFTBL โ€“ Don’t forget to book Lilly (continue reading – I am available most of days,lol)

Escorts Doโ€™s and Donโ€™ts

In every activity, there should be a limit. This also holds true in case of the clientsโ€™ activity while spending time with a submissive escort. You pay an escort for having fun with a client. But while you are paying a submissive escort, you are gaining more power to behave roughly with the escort. That does not mean you can do anything that you want…

But, yes some of the submissive escorts offer a few extremely high level of rough activities for their clients. But as a human, you should control yourself. If you canโ€™t control, it may cause a long term negative effect for you. Before hiring a submissive escort, you should know what you can do with that escort and what you canโ€™t.

Also the submissive escort should take care of her safety. This article can help you to get a clear view on the rules and escorts can also get to know the Doโ€™s and Donโ€™ts.


Read the website to know about the escort whom you are going to select. View all of the services she offers on her page.

Now think, will you be satisfied with this service?

Are all of your fetishes listed there?

Pay the money before taking the service.

Inform the escort if you have any health issues.

Use protection during sex.

Control yourself to be within the limit line. Maintain the discipline.

A submissive escort will still have rules and limits You should be respectful to all of the rules provided by the escort. Always follow instructions by the escort during the session. You have to stop at the moment when the escort gives you a sign. Some may use a code word for this.


Donโ€™t drink or donโ€™t take drugs before the session. Because you need to be normal. If you take drugs or drink, you may lose your control or you may force her past her limits.

Donโ€™t do anything illegal and unsafe. If you do anything illegal, laws still protect escorts and if you do anything unsafe to the escort there will be consequences. Donโ€™t try to convince the submissive escort into doing things she is uncomfortable with.

Donโ€™t forget to wear condoms while doing anything sexual. Some insane escorts allow the punter to do sex without condoms if he pays more money. They donโ€™t even know that the short term profit can cause a long term disease. Donโ€™t try to force the escort to do anything she doesnโ€™t want to.

Every escort will set her limits and it’s your job as a client to respect those boundaries. Submissive escorts are not punching bags and it’s very important to remember this. Sumbmissive escorts normally enjoy light bondage such as fantasy role play, tie and tease, spanking, paddles and caning.

Don’t do anything to make the escort feel uncomfortable, remember, these are ladies too and as such need to be treated that way.

English Escort Law

It is completely legal to be an escort in the UK. There are no laws against escorts here, but there are laws for prostitution. When it comes to sex, the escort business is considered the same as prostitution. This is why both the prostitution industry and the escort industry have the same laws concerning sex.

In escort work, there is always sex involved in exchange for money, although this is never officially mentioned anywhere.

Escort Age Restictions

As an escort, it is illegal to do any business concerning sex if you are under the age of 18. The age for sexual consent in the UK is 16, but when it comes to selling or buying sex the minimum age is 18.

If the escort is younger than 18 and engages in sexual services she will be prosecuted. From a clients stand point paying for sex with an escort under the age of 18 constitutes as sexual assault. If you are an escort agency and you have an escort on your website under 18 then technically, in the eyes of the law you are sex trafficking minors. Pretty scary stuff but these laws are in place to protect young and vulnerable people.

Escort Advertising

Under the UK law, it is illegal to advertise for your sex work in certain places. Newspaper and magazine advertising used to be very popular. It is not illegal to advertise escort services in paper form but the actual newspaper or magazine could be prosecuted for money laundering offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. They could be prosecuted for advertising illegal establishments and activities such as brothels or venues where sexual services are offered illegally.

It is a criminal offence to advertise sexual services in public places such as telephone boxes and shop windows. The safest and most legal way to advertise escort services in the UK is online.

Escorts can advertise through the means of their own website, directories and forums without any problem, free from legal issues. Apart from word of mouth, the internet is now the best way to advertise and increase clientele.

When advertising online there are a few things escort must adhere to in order to be discreet and not to attract any unwanted attention. Escorts can mention the services they provide, this is usually done in euphemistic language.

Services have been short handed into a kind of code for example OWO is oral without a condom, GFE is girlfriend experience etc. Full nudity is not recommended. Pictures on the internet should be more glamour focused, topless with sexy lingerie. Leave a bit to the clients imagination.

Payment is often referred to as rates or donations and it’s never a good idea to tie in sexual services to the rates. Charge a flat fee rate based on the hour, extra hours, dinner dates and over night appointments.


Escorts donโ€™t usually take to soliciting their services in public places. Therefore, there shouldnโ€™t be any major problem. However, some individuals may call their professional prostitution as escort service and solicit clients.

The law is strict against attempts to bring sexual service endorsements into public places. Even if you are not mentioning sexual services, it is still a crime to solicit for sex. Soliciting is mainly reffered to as streetwalking and falls under the conspiracy to corrupt public morals act. With the internet at your fingertips there is no longer any need for escorts to be doing such a thing.

The verification process

Regardless of where in the UK you want to hire an escort, you cannot skip screening. All escorts need to have some personal information about you. They will use this information in order to know a bit about you.

Some escort will ask for less information, others for more. It is in your best interest to go with the flow and answer all her questions, or you will be booted out as a client. You can rest assured that an escort will not misuse your information in anyway. She just wants to know whether she will go back home safely after an appointment with you. Itโ€™s as simple as that. When it comes to verification, escorts donโ€™t bend their rules, especially for new clients. You either accept it, or move on.

Being Paid

As mentioned before, being paid for sex is not illegal.

However, profiting from somebody elseโ€™s sexual services is considered illegal, and agencies can be prosecuted for this. The right way for an escort agency to operate is to take a commission from the escort for each booking. This is known as a booking fee or agency fee and is paid to the agency for it’s marketing and advertising services.

It’s a bad idea for agencies to collect the money directly from the customer, this is the escorts job. By taking the money and then paying the escort her cut you may fall foul of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, where it is an offence to cause or incite prostitution or control it for personal gain.

There is a small risk even if you are an independent escort. For instance, if you always have a driver waiting outside for you while you are with your client, he is technically assisting you with sex work. Moreover, since you pay him, he is profiting from your sex work. It is very unlikly he would be prosecuted especially as the laws have relaxed when it comes to the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

If he’s getting paid for driving and not receiving the whole amount of money then technically he’s not profiting from your sexual profession.

Brothel Keeping

So what is a brothel?

A brothel can be either a residential or commercial property in which they are used by more than one man or women for the purpose of prostitution. It does not matter whether they work on the same day or not.

It’s not so much what goes on in the brothel that falls fowl of the law but more to do with the running and control of a brothel. By running a brothel you are in fact, controlling and directly gaining from prostitution. The way the laws are set out is to punish those who try and make a business out of prostituting multiple girls.

The UK laws are set out in such a way it makes it completely legal to act independently but not as a group or larger operation.

So how do brothels exist and stay open? Well, in many cities or towns, just as quickly as one brothel is closed another one is setup. It’s very hard for the police to keep shutting down brothels and so in many larger cities they learn to live and work with the brothels. The police understand that shutting down every brothel will never happen and so instead they turn to policing those establishments.

Police Officers have often been known to visit brothels regularly in order to keep an eye on the business. They will often talk to the maids and also the girls to make sure they are safe and happy in what they are doing. They will look for signs of under age girls and any drug abuse as well as make sure there are no complaints from the neighbours. If some of these more serious crimes aren’t a problem then more often than not they will turn a blind eye to the running of the brothel.

The Streets

Although prostitution is legal, anybody found soliciting another person for prostitution in a public place can be held guilty.

Strangely, it is also considered soliciting if you are on a balcony or in a shop window. In such circumstances it is difficult to make out whether a person is soliciting sex or not, but it is illegal regardless. It is also illegal to loiter around public places such as streets and offering sexual services. โ€œPersistentlyโ€ loitering around a given place is defined as โ€œbeing found in the same place twice in three monthsโ€. The law here may seem to be a bit absurd, but it is meant to address behavior of soliciting in public places.

Kerb Crawling

Kerb crawling means soliciting a person from a vehicle in a public place such as on the streets for sexual services. This act is considered to be a nuisance for women and people in the neighborhood. Persistent kerb crawling is a clear legal offence. Here too, many acts can be construed as kerb crawling and the law does not have provisions for such cases. Kerb crawling could have the following repercussions:

Penalty of a maximum of ยฃ1000. Disqualification from driving Injunction. Charges of anti-social behavior, which carry their own penalty.

Escort Etiquettes

Your time with an escort of your choice should be enjoyable and sexually fulfilling in every way. However, there are certain etiquettes you need to follow and abide by when meeting an escort for the first time as it will help make the ambience more pleasurable and comfortable for both the parties involved.

Until the ice of formality is broken, it would become very difficult for the escort to go out of her way to pleasure you or for you to get the kind of ecstatic feeling you desire. In this article, we will talk in brief about the Escort etiquettes that you need to follow and keep in mind when meeting your choice of escort.

This especially goes for the people who are booking an escort for the first time as these etiquettes will help you enjoy and get the kind of experience you were looking for with no strings attached. Rest assured there will be such a difference between the kind of experience you receive, when you follow and donโ€™t follow these basic etiquettes.

Hygiene and Cleanliness:

Escorts know what customers are looking for and because it is their profession, they are always at their best when they go in to meet their clients.

It is always with the hope of making a long term client and that is why, rest assured you will get the finest of services when booking your escort. However, to help her in providing you what she wants to, the first thing that you need to take care of is hygiene and cleanliness. It is a basic etiquette and requirement for not only escorts but just about anyone to get intimate with you.

If you do not come across as clean and you are smelly then the chances are that the escort will have a repulsive attitude towards you or may even cancel the appointment immediately.

Since, you know when the appointment would be, it is best that you take a shower, put on some aftershave and wear fresh and crisp clothes. Your hair should be neatly combed and the whole appearance must be fresh, clean and appealing. The smell of your breath also plays a vital role and that is why chewing mints or brushing just minutes before the appointment is a good idea.

Also, if you are going on an outcall, keep chewing a couple of mints while you are on the way. For people who are booking escorts for the first time, it is imperative that they keep these points in their mind, otherwise the whole experience might turn out to be something really different than what you expected.

You canโ€™t just think of your comfort as the escort needs to be comfortable too to be able to provide the kind of sexual fulfillment you desire. Stay clean, fresh breath, smell good and wear nice clothes to make a good impression and make the escort feel comfortable around you.

Health and Safety

The escort industry has grown in the last couple of decades drastically to become even more sophisticated and gone are the days when there was no difference between prostitutes and escorts. Things are different and so is the overall fun.

The advanced nature of the escort industry also reflects in the sophistication of how the business takes place and how every aspect of the business is taken care of whether it is fun, health or safety.

However, escorts who are in this industry tend to come across people who are not accurately the most gentlemen of men. This is because many times when customers are suffering from some kind of health problem or have a disease, they tend to hide it and this puts escorts at the risk of getting affected by it as well.

Health and safety are the primary concerns in the escort industry and whether you have booked an escort before and have experience in the escortsโ€™ world or if you are booking escorts for the first time, you should know that you should clearly mention up-front if you have any health problems, diseases or even cuts and rashes.

If you are disabled in some way or would need wheelchair access, you can let the agency or the escort know so that they can make feasible arrangements.

If you think you just have a cold, cough or influenza and think it’s not a big deal, you are wrong. While getting intimate with you, she runs the risk to get it too and this will affect her work majorly. So, whether it is something very serious or even something as small as a cut, rash or maybe even warts, make sure you inform the escort or agency upon making the booking.

No matter what, in any situation, do not think of hiding any health condition which might put the escorts health or safety at risk. This can lead to great trouble for both of you later on and rest assured of a bitter experience in this case.

In call and Outcall:

OUTCALL: If you are calling her at your home, apartment or hotel, make sure the place is located in a friendly neighborhood and that the ambience inside is friendly and cozy. It should not be too dark or give the sense of suspicion. Escorts look for safety and security when on an outcall.

Make sure that there are no guests present as an escort will not visit a property with more than one person. If you are bringing drinks, bring a sealed bottle as that is what is preferred. Giving drinks from an already opened bottle is not a good idea as even though you might be a gentleman; there have been cases of substance abuse through drinks on Escorts.

INCALL: When going to her place, make sure you are formal and respect her privacy. Do not be over friendly but yes, be courteous. Ask for permission before doing anything, it is necessary at the initial few minutes but later on, its fine once you have built a bond. Itโ€™s a sign of decency escorts look for. Do not be too loud or too demanding. It’s her place so respect the place and make sure you do not share the address with anyone.

Confidentiality is the key in this business.


Is always a good idea, however, most often the prices you are charged are all inclusive and technically tipping is not required but it is definitely a good idea if the lady has met your expectations and gone the extra mile to bring that smile of satisfaction to your face. In the long term, your little tip will go a long way in guaranteeing you that extra bit which you require when it comes to sensual pleasure and complete satisfaction…


There may be a situation where you have to cancel your appointment with your escort. When this happens, inform her of the cancellation with as much notice as possible.

Escorts have their client meetings planned well in advance. If you cancel at the last minute, it means they donโ€™t get your money, and they canโ€™t find another client at such a short notice.

Cancelling appointments at short notice is not something an escort or escort agency will tollerate more than once. Now if there is nothing you can do about the cancellation and couldnโ€™t call her earlier, explain the situation to her as calmly as possible, so that she understands that you donโ€™t mean for her to lose money.

Huge increase in British men falling victim to ‘sextortion’ gangs. The gangs secretly record their victims and then blackmail them, threatening to share the footage with their family and friends unless they pay thousands of pounds. Please, be careful.

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