If you or anyone in your household have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or exposed to someone who has Covid-19 in the last 30 days.

PLEASE, DO NOT BOOK any kind of physical meeting!!!

If I or anyone who I have met before experiences any of the symptoms, has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or exposed to someone who has Covid-19, I will cancel all appointments and self-isolate.  x, Lilly

I am an expert genuine masseur and with my lovely hands you will really enjoy a good and relaxing session…

Sensual Massage – it is a sensual touch for deep pleasure and extended sexual arousal. It’s spiritual food for a human being…

I invite you to abandon your thoughts and enter your body senses. Fall effortlessly into the body and spend timeless moments in erotic trance is your birthright.
Recall pleasure of your most treasured but least utilised sense – touch. Our bodies are naturally wired for ecstasy…..

Our sense of touch, unlike the other senses, grows more acute with age, as does our ability to enjoy it. The tools to develop our body’s innate ecstasy potential are simple and profound. These techniques are covered in Sensual Massage.

Sensual Erotic Massage will elevate your pleasure ceiling. If you experience boredom and routine in your life, I prescribe you a regular dose of touch – the sensual, no-pressure, no-destination kind of touch. I suggest you schedule some time to explore the full body sensual massage. Pleasure is discipline. Put it on the schedule….

Sensual Massage works equally well for same-sex as for opposite-sex partners.

Additionally, as having someone pleasure you with their hands doesn’t tend to bring up the same set of cultural fears and judgments that oral sex or intercourse sometimes do, it sometimes works well even when your partner isn’t of a gender you are normally attracted to….

Prostate massage and prostate stimulation

An advanced technique in male genital massage is to stimulate the man’s prostate gland at the same time one is stimulating the penis. This can be done with a finger an inch or two inside his anus, pressing on the dome shape found in the direction of the penis.

When stimulating the prostate, I will wear latex short fingernails and use lots of lube. Part of what some beginners find novel about anal penetration is that it makes one feel as if one has to go to the bathroom. By going to the bathroom pretty thoroughly before beginning play, one may have an easier time not interpreting this new sensation in the old context.

Pressing on the prostate gland during ejaculation, or when a man is close to ejaculation, can feel wonderful. It is also possible for some men to have ejaculatory orgasms through prostate stimulation alone….